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Sprinklers | R-R Landscaping & Irrigation - Weatherford, TX

We see our share of long, hot summer days and dusty dry-spells here in Weatherford. This means effective sprinklers are the only way local homeowners can guarantee their homes have evenly green, healthy lawns. Inefficient, poorly installed or maintained sprinkler systems just end up wasting water and money, putting all of the hard work and care you’ve put into your lawn at risk.

At R-R Landscaping & Irrigation, we help local residents install and maintain efficient sprinklers in Weatherford, TX, that maximize the effect of the water that reaches your lawn. Far more effective than a water hose or a store bought sprinkler placed haphazardly in front of the house, our sprinkler systems are carefully arranged to distribute water evenly and are run by automatic timers that water your plants at the times of day when they’ll receive the most benefit.

Our reliable staff of trained professionals provide these services:

• Installation of Sprinkler Systems—We install sprinkler systems custom-designed to fit your landscaping. With our expertly arranged sprinkler heads and automatic timing system, you never have to worry about your plants receiving too much or too little water again.

• Repairs on Sprinkler Systems—Keeping your sprinkler system in good working order is critical to your budget and to the life of your plants. A broken or leaking sprinkler system can parch some spots and drown others, all the while wasting your money. With routine maintenance, R-R Landscaping & Irrigation helps your sprinklers do their best for your yard.

Keep your lawn and shrubbery healthy and green all through the year with one of the well-maintained sprinkler systems provided by R-R Landscaping & Irrigation. Call us today for more details.