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Irrigation | R-R Landscaping & Irrigation

The key to retaining lush, verdant landscaping for your Weatherford, TX, home lies in efficient irrigation. At R-R Landscaping...

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We see our share of long, hot summer days and dusty dry-spells here in Weatherford. This means effective sprinklers are...

Landscape Lighting | R-R Landscaping & Irrigation

You work hard to keep your home’s interior clean, tastefully decorated, and comfortable. Why not extend the same efforts...

R-R Landscaping & Irrigation helps Weatherford and surrounding areas homeowners keep their properties verdant and fresh. Contact us today for a free quote and discover what we can do for your property! (817) 996-1293

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Nature can be cruel to your yard and home. Storms and insects damage trees and shrubbery, while hot, dry summers can turn your grass and other greenery patchy, barren, and brown. That’s why you need a landscaping service you can trust to help you install and maintain irrigation systems, and sprinkler equipment that can sustain your greenery in any conditions.

Keep your greenery fresh with R-R Landscaping & Irrigation. R-R Landscaping & Irrigation provides first-rate irrigation, sprinkler, and landscaping services for the residents of the Weatherford and surrounding areas. With our hard work and expert advice, you’ll save money and time, along with a beautiful yard you can truly be proud of.

Our experienced professionals can take on any sized job, and we offer a wide-variety of services for your yard and home. We design, install, and maintain landscaping features, fix gutters, put in and repair sprinklers, and offer a whole range of consulting, installation, and maintenance services for irrigation systems.

The landscaping requirements of every home and every homeowner are unique, so you want to be sure and hire a company who can address them on a personal basis. Because we’re a local, family-owned business, we’re able to give our customers a level of service and attention that is perfectly matched to their individual aspirations and needs.

At R-R Landscaping & Irrigation, we believe fair dealing is the key to running a good business. Our prices are highly competitive, and we offer free, honest estimates on every job. We also offer 5% discounts on all work performed for military personnel and senior citizens.

Keep your lawn looking lively throughout the year with a company that looks after all of your landscaping, irrigation, and sprinkler system needs. Contact R-R Landscaping & Irrigation to find out what we can do for your property today!